To Accelerate World Traffic And Transportation
TFchain -Blockchain For Traffic And Transportation Data
The world spends trillions of dollars every year on data collection of world traffic and transportation. E.g. real-time HD data on road conditions, global map navigation updates, aftersales vehicle markets, and so on.However, this is far from adequate.
This Specific Area Needs An Innovative Aolution To Enhance Data Collection Efficiency
and a platform to help developers accelerate data development and application.
Over 1.4 billion vehicles are on the roads globally,
generating huge amounts of data.
TFchain is powering those vehicles innovatively with blockchain tech and spirit,
a vast ecosystem is in the making.
TF Ecology System
Drivers generate data when driving. With unique data classification, labeling and AI tech, data generation is faster,
data volumes are higher, and efficiency is increased. Using Blockchain tech to secure users privacy.
Data storage

Mass data collection

Each data is stored in more than 20 storages, improve the efficiency, reduce energy waste and enhance data security

Used by developers, AI creation, etc.
Cooperative partner
Users receive TF (TF token) rewards when generating or storing data.
More partners are joining
We come from all over the world, only for the good travel.

  • MosioeyFounding Partner TF

  • AliciaCo-Founder TF

  • Docotr WangPhD in Mathematics

  • BianPhD in Technology

  • Philippe LiuSenior economist

  • Ray Wangsystems algorithm
1. Is TFchain wallet launched yet?
Its already launched. The download address is https://github.com/tfcoin. For now, we only launched a PC version. The mobile version is going through the internal test.
2. What social media accounts is TFchain using?
TFchain has Facebook, Twitter, where you can check introduction, activities and development of TFchain.
3. Where to download the mining software?
The address is http://tfcoin.io, with Android and iOS versions provided.
4. Is TFchain Community Construction still recruiting people?
Please send your CV to the administrator of the public account. The administrator will contact you later. Hope we can jointly build a better future for TFchain.
5. Is TFchain currently having practical application scenarios?
TFchain cooperates with gas stations to realize real payment, and it also cooperates with insurance and parking, so stay tuned for more scenarios.
6. So far, is TFchain on the exchange?
Not yet, but it will soon. Please keep an eye on the community dynamics.
To accelerate the world of traffic and transportation
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